We hope you decide to join us at the International Mentoring Conference, Cancun 2015, organized by the mentoring organizations Peraj Mexico and Perach Israel, celebrating their 10th and 40th anniversaries, respectively. Here you will find information about this great event, which seeks to present and share some of the most important ideas in mentoring research and several ongoing international efforts for an effective practice of mentoring. We have an impressive line-up of keynote speakers at this beautiful venue of Cancun, a spectacular Caribbean setting where you will also be able to enjoy some of the best beaches and fascinating archeological sites in the world.

Where and When:
Hotel Fiesta Americana Condesa (all inclusive)
Cancún, Quintana Roo, México
December 2 - 4, 2015

*December 5 (extra day): we are organizing tours to some of the main archeological and natural sites of the region. There are special fees for the event participants.
Conference registration fee:
Early bird (by 10/30/15): $245 USD
Regular (after 10/30/15): $295 USD
Hotel Rates
Single room $2,690 MXN (aprox $159 USD) per person/day
Double room $1,790 MXN (aprox $106 USD) per person/day

  1. The rates are per person, per night, all inclusive (includes all meals, drinks, taxes and services).
  2. The prices are fixed in Mexican Pesos. The prices in US Dollars may change. They are shown at the exchange rate of 9/24/2015: 1 US Dollar = 16.8713 Mexican Pesos
  3. We suggest all participants to stay at Hotel Fiesta Americana Condesa, because all of the events and activities will take place at the hotel.
  4. Being an all-inclusive, there are considerable charges (aprox $85 US Dllsfor those staying somewhere else and who intend to spend the day at the hotel just to attend the conferences and events.
About us

Peraj Mexico

Since 2004, PERAJ Mexico became a national program in which university students carry out Social Service (mandatory comunnity service) as mentors of children of primary and secondary public schools, to support them and encourage them to develop their full potential. This program seeks to establish a personalized and meaningful relationship between the university student and the child, the main purposes being to strengthen self-esteem, social skills, good study habits and to expand their horizons and their general culture. The university students become a positive role model for the children. Currently the program is implemented in 168 campus of 89 institutions of higher education, with the participation of nearly 5000 mentors and 5000 mentees.


Perach International

Perach International is the international mentoring body of The Davidson Institute for Science Education at The Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. Its main goal is to spread the mentoring and tutoring (Perach´s way) among as many countries, universities and NGOs as possible, fulfilling the Jewish teaching and belief of “Tikun Olam”, working for a better world.

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